exhaustion and interval rest

by Graham

A Hookipa cutback.


I’m a bit exhausted and destroyed from running around the last three days– hiking on Monday, Oahu yesterday, and teaching classes today. But it’s good, good to be tired from doing so many different things. The next three days I’m going to take a short break from windsurfing (there might not even be wind), and I’ll hit the water again Sunday with a passion. I’m going for an interval break so that when I come back to the water on Sunday I can hit a peak 3 days later at the start of the AWT contest. I want to win. The competition is really steep, so winning is no easy task for anybody.

Here is a pic from the last days:

Hitting a taka at the point. Tricks like these are important in contests.


And here are some pictures of Kevin Pritchard from the last days. He’s been on fire lately– sailing the best I’ve ever seen him sail and nailing sick turns and some of the best 360s I’ve seen in years. He’s set up to win the AWT overall title (I’m not because of missing 2 events). Anyway, here are the pics:

Kevin Prtichard tweaks an air!


Kevin goes vertical on a small Hookipa wave


Kevin slides a taka! The new school better watch out...