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Back again! … and Jaws.

  “LARGE AND DANGEROUS SURF WILL IMPACT MOST NORTH AND WEST FACING SHORES OF THE SMALLER ISLANDS TOMORROW THROUGH SATURDAY. ” Big waves are coming to Hawaii! All the pro windsurfers are getting ready for Jaws on Friday. It’s going to terribly crowded on the water. I hope to return here with some stories.   […]

foto whatever

Fotos here and below them is a prose post (finally!) after ages of nothing. It’s the first installment of my experiences and feelings of this crazy crazy summer. I wrote a few thousand words before the weekend in order to post on Friday, but WordPress’ auto save wasn’t so auto. It’s fine; revision is good […]

i windsurf because…

    I am a child of windsurfing. The sport is practically imprinted in my DNA– I grew up with Aloha Classics and windsurfing magazines all around me. My father, David Ezzy, was of the first generation of Hookipa windsurfers, and he is the only one still there, giving him the record of windsurfing Hookipa […]

Hangover! new move

Here is a new move from me. It’s an evolution from Josh Angulo’s sick ANGover– a front side floater 360. I think I’m the first one to do the alley-oop version. Here’s an interview with Josh and the move is below: I love windsurfing. Even as a child, I would go through old windsurfing magazines […]

windsurfing is back! as well as a foto fix

The windsurfing is back on Maui! Today was fun, nothing special but fun. Light gusty winds good for 5.0 and small inconsistent waves were quite sweet set against the bitter famine of the last days. I don’t have any photos, unfortunately. But here are some pics, a fun preview of tomorrow’s foto friday.     […]

color of the year

  Pantone, the world’s leading expert on color, finally released the color of the year for 2012, Tangerine Tango: “Tangerine Tango, a spirited reddish orange, continues to provide the energy boost we need to recharge and move forward.” I know most of you were eagerly awaiting the announcement from Pantone, which occurred some time past, […]

gear tuned up

  My current gear setup is working perfectly– magically I might even say. The thruster setup on my quatro with the flexy K4 fins is fast in the bottom and able to rocket up into the lip at any angle. And the new sails that I’m trying are so maneuverable! I can put myself in […]

maui now (single sunset photo)

  A red end to a good day on the water– rising swell with offshore winds. Full report with pics to follow.

Calm Before the Coming Storm

Small waves and a big 90.3% full moon adorn Maui’s North Shore at this very moment of writing. But like all things, both will pass. The Moon will reach its peak fullness on Saturday the 10th and the surf will pickup dramatically on Thursday and Friday. Here are two forecasts. The first is from windguru […]


No wind today, so instead here are some good wipeout shots that Sofie Louca took over the last month: