the foundation of wave sailing

by Graham

I love this photo that Sofie Louca took on Sunday. It captures so much of what matters to me in my windsurfing. Ever since I started really getting into wavesailing when I was 10 or 11, my dad always impressed on me that a good bottom turn is the key to good wave riding. Period. With a solid bottom turn, anything is possible because you can hit the lip fast and in the right direction. One reason Polakow can kill it in big waves is his fast, dedicated bottom turn. It’s all about committing forward and carving hard on the toe-side rail. Love it. There’s nothing like working on the basics.


I love everything that this photo captures. Thank you Sofie Louca! (click for larger version)


Today I went to Oahu for my car search. And I think I may have found something decent for a fair price. That’s good!

I’m tired but before I can sleep, I have to plan a lecture that I’m giving for the senior English class at my old high school in the morning. Oh my! I’ll procrastinate that by posting some more pics from Sunday below:

Hitting the Hookipa lip!


Going for a 360! Or is that a Mutant?


Slashing the face off a wave.


Off the top!


Doing a hand plant on a 1-hand taka.