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weekend recap

  Tomorrow my 3-day mini vacation from the beach will come to a close. With its end comes a beautiful NW swell and offshore E winds– a very normal combination at Hookipa. The offshore easterly wind is gusty and full of deadspots. This can make getting around a challenge, but it gives the waves a […]

exhaustion and interval rest

  I’m a bit exhausted and destroyed from running around the last three days– hiking on Monday, Oahu yesterday, and teaching classes today. But it’s good, good to be tired from doing so many different things. The next three days I’m going to take a short break from windsurfing (there might not even be wind), […]

Cactus Cup: Ezzy Edit

Here is the Ezzy Edit from the Cactus Cup AWT event. More of the story to follow shortly.

On the Oregon Trail: a Critical Look at the AWT Pistol River

At the start of June, I left warm-but-flat Maui for the cold waves of Pistol River, Oregon and the AWT competition there. Everyone bitches about the cold water, but the thick wetsuit rubber bothers me more than the cold water (the water is just an incentive not to fall!), so I prefer a thinner wetsuit […]