Maui Now

by Graham

Coming around in a taka on a 4-batten prototype.


Maui is windy! Like really windy. Like hurricane, gail-force-wind windy. Like why-am-I-even-trying-to-bottom-turn-in-this-insane-wind-windy. Who-opened-Aeolus’-bag windy. But despite all this, I’ve managed to find some fun waves…and sore right ankle.

I’ve got to say: windsurfing in strong wind while trying to ride waves is hell on the body. Brawzhino said to me whilst derigging, “Today is the kind of day you get hurt”. He’s right. Each gale gusts makes every move more uncontrollable, and I think the problem is mental too. When the wind howls in your ears, you can’t think. While the wrists and ankles get sore from being pounded in the surf, the brain fails to realize the tired state of the body. You keep pushing it, and injury is inevitable. After a certain point, the constant shhhhhhhhhhhhhh in your ears shuts up any voice of reason– you huck moves that aren’t radical but stupid, going big without a chance of landing. … Well, that is at least what happens to me when it starts howling and I’m trying to down the line ride. Did I mention that the windiest places in the world also have the highest suicide rates? Hmmmm…

That said, I did have a ton of fun in the wind. But how my body aches now! Skin ripped from palms and severely unhappy back muscles scream at me now that the wind has died for the night. The amazing thing about windsurfing, though, is that this pain or any pain is literally nonexistent on the water. My foot might be falling off from a severe gangrene infected dog bit, but I’d limp to the shore, I’d plop my board in the water, and I would not feel a ounce of pain for my entire session. Who needs advil when there’s windsurfing? I’ve always thought the painkiller effect was from the adrenalin and joy of windsurfing, but now I’m inclined to hypothesize that it’s just the wind! : )

Ok, I go sleep off these salty sprains. Here are some photos from the last days courtesy of Giampaolo Cammarota and Jimmie Hepp (thank you both). Oh and expect more from the Irish saga later this week.


Rigging up! (photo: GC, maui surf report)


Getting some tweak on (photo, GC again)


Throwing a mutant!



These shots are from the weekend. I’ve got more goodies from Monday. Take care!