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    Another week goes by on the “Valley Isle” and the wind still blows. The very mountains that give the island its nickname accelerate the trade winds making the North Shore of Maui one of the best windsurfing training grounds in the world. And that is why the water is soooo crowded at the […]


    Maui is the center of the windsurfing universe right now. I know because there are a million people on every single wave at Hookipa. Enter photoshoot season. And it doesn’t help that the winds are f***ing strong at the moment! It’s like 30 knots or nothing. What’s up with that? After using basically […]

Maui Now

  Maui is windy! Like really windy. Like hurricane, gail-force-wind windy. Like why-am-I-even-trying-to-bottom-turn-in-this-insane-wind-windy. Who-opened-Aeolus’-bag windy. But despite all this, I’ve managed to find some fun waves…and sore right ankle. I’ve got to say: windsurfing in strong wind while trying to ride waves is hell on the body. Brawzhino said to me whilst derigging, “Today is […]

Maui Monday: Christmas week!

We’ve arrived at the last maui monday of the year! On the island, the wind has been gusty but strong and the waves are big but stormy. Perfectly fun conditions– not many people on the water, funky, and rippable. I’m sure you’re all busy, and so am I, so this report will be cut short. […]

maui monday: dec 12- 19, 2011

  Ah windsurfing! How you tease and tantalize! A good forecast came out too messy on Friday for it to be any fun at Hookipa. Instead, I spent the day doing a free ride, flat water sail photoshoot at Kanaha with Kevin Pritchard and my father. It was surprisingly fun to go fast. Saturday Hookipa […]

Maui Monday: 12/5-12/12/11

  The waves are here! This week marked the first arrival of decent surf. With sets over mast and perfectly smooth, peeling waves, the weekend was set for fun. Thursday was the best and biggest of the days. But unfortunately the wind was a little strange, making for a tough time catching waves. I was […]

Maui Monday: 11/28-12/5/11

  Maui now is racing forward into the winter. We’ve had big swells already, and more are forecasted for the end of this week. Fingers crossed for wind. With the close of November came an end to a month of filming with umi. That time was wonderful with days centered on sailing and getting footage. […]

Maui Monday: 11/21-11/28/11

  Last week was a bit slow but it ended with quite an explosion of sailing on Sunday. The large North swell and strong northerly winds prompted waking up at 7am to head over to a not-so-secret secret spot. We got to this spot at 9:30am and three people were already on the water with […]

Maui Monday: 11/14- 11/21/11

  The waves are coming! The waves are coming! This last weekend marked the return of swell. But more importantly, this next week is forecasted to be consistently full of waves and in a week or so it should be decently big! I got a new board (pics tomorrow) and it turns amazingly! I can […]

maui monday: 11/7- 11/14/11

  A good sized swell graced Hookipa Friday, Saturday, and Sunday of this week, but unfortunately the waves were too Easterly to be easily ridden. The large, storm-surf NE waves provided a fun challenge in riding them– they were not very speed, making it difficult to generate steep but the waves would also have big, […]