weekend recap

by Graham

Twisting an air off-the-lip.


Tomorrow my 3-day mini vacation from the beach will come to a close. With its end comes a beautiful NW swell and offshore E winds– a very normal combination at Hookipa. The offshore easterly wind is gusty and full of deadspots. This can make getting around a challenge, but it gives the waves a beautiful smoothness and is the perfect combination for down-the-line riding.

Hookipa is a machine, a grand conveyer belt that windsurfers can ride. The currents flows around the rocks and out the channel. When the wind is light or even nonexistent, one can use the channel, while either floating on the board or swimming, to get past the rocks and then out past the waves. Without using the currents and the channel, Hookipa can be impossible to windsurf when the wind is characteristically light and offshore. This gives a small advantage to the locals that know the ins-and-outs of Hookipa’s watery details.

Throwing a taka for the photographers in the water.


Also, the forecast is looking good for the AWT contest too, with another NW swell predicted on the 28th. This one seems smaller, which will probably be better for most competitors. But I’m still crossing my fingers that it will be big and gnarly!

I love the feeling of having to pushing my self beyond fear to hit the lip.


Pitching a goiter back inside.


Cranking a bottom turn on a Hookipa swell.