I’m back!

by Graham

I’m back on the blog after a hiatus during which I finished my 4 years at Princeton. Now it’s onward into the world!

In that same time, umi, the feverous windsurfing media powerhouse, made a short portrait film on me aptly titled “Maui Son”. Filming for the clip in the middle of my senior year at Princeton proved tough. You can read the making-of story here: http://www.umipictures.com/2011/05/maui-son-graham-ezzy/ . And below is the film itself.

At this very moment, I’m sitting in Portland Airport (PDX) waiting for a friend to arrive. When he gets in, we start our 6 hour drive down to Gold Beach for the AWT’s Pistol River wave contest. I don’t even remember the last real competition I had that was starboard tack wavesailing. I’m amped to finally have an event that favors my regular footing. I’ll keep updating as the trip and contest progress.