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out of the country again, here are some hookipa photos

I’m out of the country again, but I’ll be back on Maui by the end of the week. Here are some pics from Hookipa in the meantime. Time on Maui means one thing: Research and Development. A lot of fin and sail testing especially! The sail testing is actually pretty intense. Every day there is […]

back again

I have just landed back on Maui after my adventures overseas. The wind seems to be blowing and the waves are up, so I just might manage to get in a session today. My Irish saga will continue tomorrow with part 4. – G

a little preview

The back is better and I’m getting ready to head off the maui rock. I’m leaving sooner than I originally thought in order to give myself enough time on the east coast to regroup before heading off in search of some big waves. No plans are set in stone, but I will most definitely spend […]

resting spine, no new content

(The next post will be “foto friday” on friday.) I’m still resting my spine and Maui still suffers from monsoons, so there’s not much windsurfing for me to miss. Here’s a funny thought: it seems some of the major English language mags are closing (boards and windsurfing). There still is a very viable market for […]

the Pritch is back

  Kevin Pritchard is back on island after a mainland trip. I’m looking forward to doing some sailing and testing with him in the bigger waves over the next days. I didn’t sail today. Rather I spent the day working on proposals and a book I’m currently editing. In fact, I’m up late working even […]

tomorrow: car hunt

Finally back on Maui full time, I now need a full time car. So, I’m waking up at 6:30 on Thursday to spend the morning checking out cars for sale on the island and what options are available to me. Wednesday’s sailing was fun. Testing a new 5.0 that’s a bit shorter and trying to […]

no maui monday, sri lanka instead

I’m currently sitting in Dubai International Airport (DBX) after a very long 12 hour flight from Washington Dulles. My connecting flight to Sri Lanka leaves in about 2 hours. Once on Ceylon, I’ll meet up with my dad and head to the Ezzy Sails Lanka factory where the sails are made. This will be my […]

2 posts tomorrow

today was hectic with being in princeton so no more posts. But double posts tomorrow!

the fall is coming!

The fall is coming! I’ll be away from Maui for most of September, but when I get back the waves should be in full form. Here is a wave from last fall with a turn, an air, and a goiter: Remember to keep voting to win the prize.

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