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the weekend is for windsurfing

There will be no new posts this weekend because the weekend is for windsurfing, but feel free to read from the archives. -G

Complete Sports Report

A buddy of mine from Princeton, Joey Cheek, has started an all encompassing sports news site, Daily House at I’m helping him with some writing, reporting, and editing. Check it out. The extreme section is full of good internet videos, so don’t skip it. Baja part 3 is almost done. So expect that any […]

Obey the Rules! OR DON’T!

A new section called “The Elements” is on its way, full of windsurfing postulates and theorems.

thoughts on regular features?

In addition to foto friday, I am going to start a maui report every Monday. I’d like to get a feature for every weekday. Maybe a day with a feature on my own photos? Not sure how that will work regularly since I’ve reverted to shooting film and sometimes can’t develop for weeks– and, I’m […]

Winning Baja

Just got back to Maui after winning the Cactus Cup in San Carlos, Baja. Full report to follow!

this is beautiful

I love when skateboarders interpret the urban environment and use it to express themselves. It is a true release of creativity. A form of surfing where you must form the wave in the mind before riding it. It becomes a way of turning the cold concrete back into something human.

News, Royalty, and Spray

The sport news site Daily House is live! The website will feature interesting news from a host of sports, and the extreme section should be stocked full of interesting and exciting films, interviews, and stories. Yesterday, I mentioned Surfline’s article on the new ASP and the need for the “Dream Tour”. If you haven’t read […]

On the Oregon Trail: a Critical Look at the AWT Pistol River

At the start of June, I left warm-but-flat Maui for the cold waves of Pistol River, Oregon and the AWT competition there. Everyone bitches about the cold water, but the thick wetsuit rubber bothers me more than the cold water (the water is just an incentive not to fall!), so I prefer a thinner wetsuit […]

I’m back!

I’m back on the blog after a hiatus during which I finished my 4 years at Princeton. Now it’s onward into the world! In that same time, umi, the feverous windsurfing media powerhouse, made a short portrait film on me aptly titled “Maui Son”. Filming for the clip in the middle of my senior year […]

Twitter and Maui!

I finally have a twitter at!/grahamezzy . And in 3 hours I start my journey back to Maui were I’ll meet up with the ezzy team and the umi team to do some sailing with Kevin Pritchard, Kauli, and Brendan. The forecast is calling for it to be windy, so expect some jumps! And […]