Calm Before the Coming Storm

by Graham

Small waves and a big 90.3% full moon adorn Maui’s North Shore at this very moment of writing. But like all things, both will pass. The Moon will reach its peak fullness on Saturday the 10th and the surf will pickup dramatically on Thursday and Friday.

Here are two forecasts. The first is from windguru and the second from magic seaweed. Personally I default to the magic seaweed forecast, but it’s always good to check more than one. Either way, Thursday and Friday should be bangers.


Windguru's predictions lie above.


And here are Magic Seaweed's calculated prophecies.


While filming background footage on the top of Haleakala with Brendan from umi, I met a kind Frenchman named Hugo who traveled to Maui from LA to film time lapses. He recently sent me one of his works (of city lights). Check it out (oh, and the accompanying song is sick):


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