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no wind

Maui is a bit windless at the moment. Tuesday and Wednesday then are rest days and errand days. So, nothing new to report. The forecast might be alright for the latter part of the week. Fingers crossed!

pushing forward

The swell is dropping here on Maui but don’t fear as there are more waves on the horizon! Monday was fun but kind of frustrating. I was excited to push myself hard, but I ended up being too amped and falling a lot. I had some big wipeouts. On one of them, I fell over […]

new week

I’m destroyed from a long long long day on the water windsurfing. I left my house at 8am and got back at sunset. A Maui Monday will be up in 12ish hours. For now, check my trip to Japan from January:

busy busy

  Today was fun at Hookipa– good waves and lots of juicy lips to hit. The session however, ended prematurely when some big, black, rain storms came through and shut down the wind. The thunder cleared and the wind came back, but there were too many surfers at Hookipa, so I sailed down to Lanes. […]

consumed by windsurfing

  Every part of my body hurts. The bottom of toes are torn off by board texture and coral reef. My back and sides are bloody from the harness rubbing. Small, infected cuts and punctures wail in pain all over my skin. Getting in the water at the start of my session was a blast […]

board with fins

  With some decent swell, I can test boards and tune my quiver to be ready for the coming waves. With a brand new stick from quatro, I was set for a full day of testing and tweaking. The Keith Teboul custom has 5 fin boxes so I can ride the board with 4 fins, […]

the quiet before the storm

Maui sits on the precipice overlooking the abyss, slowing rocking back and forth over the edge but never falling. At least, not yet. Winter is on the way. The gnarled big Northerly waves will come; it’s not an “if” but rather “when”. So days like this Wednesday, light wind spiced with flat water, are merely […]

and there go waves

  Tuesday morning Hookipa is so flat, like summer time flat. And the next few days are not looking any better. But I guess this is good because Brendan and I can explore the island searching for interesting footage and angles. I really like showing people Maui because it allows me to rediscover my home […]

weekday wednesday (edit: pictures!)

Wednesday at Hookipa was small and very unglamorous. But filming has begun! Brendan from umi is here, proving that umi is the best thing going on in windsurfing right now. Here are some shots:        

rest day

Tuesday was a rest day inspired by the small waves and fluky wind. The forecast is looking fun for the end of the week with good wind and a decent NE swell to hit on Friday. Don’t expect epic heavy waves, but do expect fun very trickable waves. For now, check out these pictures from […]