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Cactus Cup: Ezzy Edit

Here is the Ezzy Edit from the Cactus Cup AWT event. More of the story to follow shortly.

Make it OR Break It? Revealed

I said I’d reveal on Friday, but I think that’s too long of a wait. So here is the sequence: Made it! This accidental one-foot air was during a heat at the recent Cactus Cup. My foot slipped out of the strap and I thought that I was ruined, but luckily even though my brain […]

Make It OR Break It???

I loved a feature that Windsurfing Mag ran years ago called “Make it or break it” that had a radical or interesting photo that looked to be in the middle of a big wipeout sequence. The question was “Did he land it? Or crash terribly?” Readers would submit answers and the next issue would reveal […]

winning the cactus cup: part 1/3

I prefer the red-eye all-night flights on united when I fly from Maui to the mainland because I normally can sleep quite easily, making the trip seem instant (and with my frequent flier status, I always get upgraded so its not too cramped). However, dream full flight was NOT the reality on from OGG Maui […]

Baja’s Mexican Memories

Graham Ezzy goes down south from umi pictures on Vimeo. Mexico is like jail; easy to enter, hard to leave. At the end of July, the waves in Baja were so good that even though I’d left my passport at a friend’s house in New York City, I crossed the border into Mexico in search […]