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i windsurf because…

    I am a child of windsurfing. The sport is practically imprinted in my DNA– I grew up with Aloha Classics and windsurfing magazines all around me. My father, David Ezzy, was of the first generation of Hookipa windsurfers, and he is the only one still there, giving him the record of windsurfing Hookipa […]


    Another week goes by on the “Valley Isle” and the wind still blows. The very mountains that give the island its nickname accelerate the trade winds making the North Shore of Maui one of the best windsurfing training grounds in the world. And that is why the water is soooo crowded at the […]


    Maui is the center of the windsurfing universe right now. I know because there are a million people on every single wave at Hookipa. Enter photoshoot season. And it doesn’t help that the winds are f***ing strong at the moment! It’s like 30 knots or nothing. What’s up with that? After using basically […]

out of the country again, here are some hookipa photos

I’m out of the country again, but I’ll be back on Maui by the end of the week. Here are some pics from Hookipa in the meantime. Time on Maui means one thing: Research and Development. A lot of fin and sail testing especially! The sail testing is actually pretty intense. Every day there is […]

even gods…

First off, I love this:   Hookipa today was quite typical for a fall day: logo high waves with mast high sets and light gusty wind. I went out first on a 5.0 and it worked well, but since I’m working on getting this current board dialed for the rest of the season, I couldn’t […]

to hookipa or not to hookipa?

To take arms against a sea of troubles… Today at Hookipa, the wind was light and the waves were small. An uneventful combination surely. But I took the opportunity to test out the quatro 95L production board to see if it should be my floater board for the AWT contest at the end of the […]

Maui Monday: sept 28- oct 3rd

  I’m back on Maui and damn does it feel good! I feel like a junkie finally bathing in drugs after a drought. Waves! To be riding waves again is simply euphoric. Back out at Hookipa for the first time in a month, I was giddy to catch and ride anything and everything that I […]

Make it or break it? vol 2

I liked the last “make it or break it” so much that here is another one. I’m going to throw these up quite often I think. And as I said before, I plan to work out some sort of prize system (i.e., guessing correctly puts you in a raffle for a prize or something) for […]

maui monday

So here is the first ever maui monday report with the latest news from Maui! Unfortunately, this week on the rock has been rather uneventful. Summer on Maui most often means flat water. It gets so bad in July that we are lucky to get anything over knee high. August, though, is the month when […]

Photos from My Last Day at Hookipa

All pics courtesy of Jimmie Hepp: