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Cactus Cup: Ezzy Edit

Here is the Ezzy Edit from the Cactus Cup AWT event. More of the story to follow shortly.

winning the cactus cup: part 2

This is the second installment of the trilogy that is my cactus cup story, making this essentially my Empire Strikes Back– a tale of hardship and misdirection setting up the eventual return to the top in part 3. For that reason, I’ll keep this account brief. (all photos by the amazing Clark Merritt) After driving […]

Make it OR Break It? Revealed

I said I’d reveal on Friday, but I think that’s too long of a wait. So here is the sequence: Made it! This accidental one-foot air was during a heat at the recent Cactus Cup. My foot slipped out of the strap and I thought that I was ruined, but luckily even though my brain […]

Make It OR Break It???

I loved a feature that Windsurfing Mag ran years ago called “Make it or break it” that had a radical or interesting photo that looked to be in the middle of a big wipeout sequence. The question was “Did he land it? Or crash terribly?” Readers would submit answers and the next issue would reveal […]

winning the cactus cup: part 1/3

I prefer the red-eye all-night flights on united when I fly from Maui to the mainland because I normally can sleep quite easily, making the trip seem instant (and with my frequent flier status, I always get upgraded so its not too cramped). However, dream full flight was NOT the reality on from OGG Maui […]