pushing forward

by Graham

Letting the tail slide down.

The swell is dropping here on Maui but don’t fear as there are more waves on the horizon! Monday was fun but kind of frustrating. I was excited to push myself hard, but I ended up being too amped and falling a lot. I had some big wipeouts. On one of them, I fell over the falls and my forearm got stuck in the back of the boom. The sail twisted in the whitewater as I tried to hold onto the equipment with my other hand but it kept bending my other arm to the point where I thought that my arm would break. At the last instant, I was able to pull my arm from its locked position. My second session was a bit better, luckily.


Tail slash!


And here is a song that I’ve been playing a lot lately from a mixed CD that a close friend made for me. I love everything about it: