foto friday

by Graham

Surprise! A Foto Friday!


Getting it sideways on a quick hit taka.


Ah! the many wonder of the Koi and coy-- color and flirtation.


Not much of a better foundation is needed more than an uncrowded A frame.


Modern life always improves, right? Right? RIGHT?


I have no idea where or what this is, but it looks amazing and I hope it's real.


Wearing pads is so lame...


They say that there is a shark within 20 ft of you whenever you are in the Ocean.


They look like they're having fun.


Parrots might apparently have language skills that rival thsoe of primates.


New York New York. She calls me back again and again.


Do it and do it good.


Boredom is a sin of sorts, my mother said to me growing up.


This sand storm at sea gives "Storm Chase" a new meaning.


Style is about contrast and extremes. NYC/Maui for 2013.


I love this. By Bruce Mackay. That's all.