foto friday

by Graham

New York is a zoo. But getting a lot done. And here’s a foto friday.


Oh hello!


Grab hold of each other and roll forward, sans breaks of course.


Behind each city light is another set of eyes.


The eyes have it.


The water is coming. The water is coming. The water is coming.


The missionaries in Hawaii brought thorny trees from Africa so that the natives would have to wear shoes


No parking.


Death becomes all.


Polar bears are one of the few animals that are known to actively hunt men.


Light/shadow and perspective. What more does one need.


Oh, as I post this on an East Coast Sunday morning I can’t help but meditate–ever so briefly– on what windsurfing means to me. As I grow into myself as a windsurfer, I find myself calling upon the Hawaiian influences of surfing– the flow and freedom style. The Gerry Lopez style of wave riding. Or Josh Angulo. At some point in the 80’s (or was it the 70’s… or the 90s?) the Australian school of surfing took over– the slice and dice and slash it up style. Gerry riding a wave at Pipe is dropping in relaxed and finding a comfy spot in the tube, becoming one with the wave. A bit different than the current style in vogue (though I do appreciate the slashing). And I see Hawaiian surf style seeping into the rest of my life. Now I’m on the East Coast working on a business project and writing, and I am obviously jonesing for some waves, but I also love the freedom of not being a complete slave to the sea and all her forms. Well, who am I kidding? Of course the sea is my master. Just not all the time. I guess all I’m trying to say is that a totalitarian freedom is not a complete freedom at all.