foto friday

by Graham

Ah! We hit another Friday and along with it a new foto friday. For those that read my captions, they are after the photos as before but also a photo’s caption will pop up when you hover your mouse over that photo. (Also, yesterday’s post is revised to have new action photos of me and Russ Faurot from Hookipa).












1) Such perfection is captured here! The moon, the ship, and the sea. And how perfect are the three!

2) I need the sea because it teaches me. Full stop.

3) It’s all a ship under a bridge.

4) I love you but I’ve chosen rock. Tough love at its most petrologic.

5) Many people suffer from invisibly yet are unnoticed by the general population.

6) Life’s just a shade of grey. Or is it gray?

7) This reminds me of one of my favorite Oscar Wilde prose poems “The Disciple”:


When Narcissus died the pool of his pleasure changed from a cup of
sweet waters into a cup of salt tears, and the Oreads came weeping
through the woodland that they might sing to the pool and give it

And when they saw that the pool had changed from a cup of sweet
waters into a cup of salt tears, they loosened the green tresses of
their hair and cried to the pool and said, ‘We do not wonder that
you should mourn in this manner for Narcissus, so beautiful was

‘But was Narcissus beautiful?’ said the pool.

‘Who should know that better than you?’ answered the Oreads. ‘Us
did he ever pass by, but you he sought for, and would lie on your
banks and look down at you, and in the mirror of your waters he
would mirror his own beauty.’

And the pool answered, ‘But I loved Narcissus because, as he lay on
my banks and looked down at me, in the mirror of his eyes I saw
ever my own beauty mirrored.’

8) This gives new meaning to the idiom “going over the falls”. Mast high doesn’t seem so big anymore.

9) Flappers and speakeasies. Ahhh the 20’s.

10) Let’s just go ride waves because that’s freedom, always.