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make it or beak it, vol 4: REVEALED

Here is the sequence! Made it! This one-foot push loop is from years ago. And though it looks sketchy (and felt very sketchy at the time), it was pulled. Congratulations to all the winners: Kuba Jimmie Hepp Romain Lucas Panagiotis Each winner will be contact for their mailing address to have the winning prize sent […]

make it or break it? vol. 4: prize edition

Make it? OR Break it? I am giving you this two photo sequence and I want you to decide: make it or break it? The test phase of Make it or Break it is over– the gloves are coming off! Now, anyone who guesses correctly will win a prize. This week’s prize will be an […]

Make it or Break it? Vol. 3, REVEALED

(Click on photos for better, bigger versions. Photos by Ezzy/D.Wong.) CRAAAAASH! This 1-handed goiter went bad. I flung it around but couldn’t get back on top, and I ended up landing head first into the sail and mast. It was years ago but I still remember colliding with the mast. Tom and Aron got it […]

Make it or Break it? vol. 3

(Click on photos for better, bigger versions. Photos thanks to EzzySails/D. Wong.) (Click on photos for better, bigger versions. Photos thanks to EzzySails/D. Wong.) Over 5 years ago, I was the first person (I believe) to do one-handed goiters with my backhand off. Boujmaa had done a couple with his front hand off, and the […]

Make it OR Break it? vol 2 REVEALED

Wipeout! This was one of the heaviest Hookipa waves (for its size) that I’ve ever ridden. Hookipa waves almost always have a lot of water, but this one had twice the normal amount and also twice the force– it just smashed me and my equipment straight down to the bottom. Congratulations to Kuba, Ernout, and […]

Make it or break it? vol 2

I liked the last “make it or break it” so much that here is another one. I’m going to throw these up quite often I think. And as I said before, I plan to work out some sort of prize system (i.e., guessing correctly puts you in a raffle for a prize or something) for […]

Make it OR Break It? Revealed

I said I’d reveal on Friday, but I think that’s too long of a wait. So here is the sequence: Made it! This accidental one-foot air was during a heat at the recent Cactus Cup. My foot slipped out of the strap and I thought that I was ruined, but luckily even though my brain […]

Make It OR Break It???

I loved a feature that Windsurfing Mag ran years ago called “Make it or break it” that had a radical or interesting photo that looked to be in the middle of a big wipeout sequence. The question was “Did he land it? Or crash terribly?” Readers would submit answers and the next issue would reveal […]