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King of the River: JP Bowles and the Gorge Photos

JP Bowles rips. Period. He is the star of the best Gorge windsurfing photos I have ever seen. As The Gorge is the mecca of North American windsurfing, this is quite an accomplishment. The Gorge is a river with wind and waves in the middle of the Pacific Northwest, and every summer windsurfers drive and […]

i windsurf because…

    I am a child of windsurfing. The sport is practically imprinted in my DNA– I grew up with Aloha Classics and windsurfing magazines all around me. My father, David Ezzy, was of the first generation of Hookipa windsurfers, and he is the only one still there, giving him the record of windsurfing Hookipa […]

no conditions, a little Baudelaire instead

Maui is conditionless now; hence, I’m lacking content. So here’s “Get Drunk” a petit prose poem from Baudelaire’s Paris Spleen:    

Why Octopuses Matter to Philosophy by Peter Godfrey-Smith

Why Octopuses Matter to Philosophy by Peter Godfrey-Smith For the “Academic Minute,” National Public Radio, 2010. Why do octopuses matter to philosophy? They matter to the part of philosophy concerned with the mind. To see why, we step back and think about the evolutionary connections between all living things. Biologists think of these relationships in […]

Obey the Rules! OR DON’T!

A new section called “The Elements” is on its way, full of windsurfing postulates and theorems.

surfism vol. 3

When water rushes into a bay, it must also leave the bay, otherwise there would be a pool of infinite water! And frankly, that makes no sense at all. So the water leaves the bay at a rate (gallons/minute) similar to the rate it entered. When the waves get bigger and more water comes into […]

Surfism vol II

This one is probably the most important survival rule for dealing with the sea, and, of course, can be extrapolated to life. I’ve seen countless tourists standing in the shorebreak at Ho’okipa with their backs to the water; every time a wave broke, they would get smashed into the hard sand. And even though they […]

Surfism vol I

The ocean provides constant material for aphorisms, or, as I like to call them, surfisms (short, sea-influenced pieces of wisdom).One of my professors, friends, and fellow Hawaiians, Jeff Nunokawa said a good one yesterday: to a catch wave, you must be moving