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Month: December, 2011

foto friday

                              Here is the caption for the last one in case you missed it or had trouble reading it: The Silence of the Sirens by Franz Kafka Proof that inadequate, even childish measures, may serve to rescue one from peril. To […]

a little preview

The back is better and I’m getting ready to head off the maui rock. I’m leaving sooner than I originally thought in order to give myself enough time on the east coast to regroup before heading off in search of some big waves. No plans are set in stone, but I will most definitely spend […]

Maui Monday: Christmas week!

We’ve arrived at the last maui monday of the year! On the island, the wind has been gusty but strong and the waves are big but stormy. Perfectly fun conditions– not many people on the water, funky, and rippable. I’m sure you’re all busy, and so am I, so this report will be cut short. […]

foto friday


resting spine, no new content

(The next post will be “foto friday” on friday.) I’m still resting my spine and Maui still suffers from monsoons, so there’s not much windsurfing for me to miss. Here’s a funny thought: it seems some of the major English language mags are closing (boards and windsurfing). There still is a very viable market for […]

a rest day, some wave contemplation

  I’m still resting my back, so I don’t have any new windsurfing photos, though I think there was some fun jumping at Hookipa. But before moving on from yesterday, I think it’s funny how the sail in the post’s photo from 1983 is a 4 batten with an outline similar to some seen on […]

maui monday: dec 12- 19, 2011

  Ah windsurfing! How you tease and tantalize! A good forecast came out too messy on Friday for it to be any fun at Hookipa. Instead, I spent the day doing a free ride, flat water sail photoshoot at Kanaha with Kevin Pritchard and my father. It was surprisingly fun to go fast. Saturday Hookipa […]

foto friday

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windsurfing is back! as well as a foto fix

The windsurfing is back on Maui! Today was fun, nothing special but fun. Light gusty winds good for 5.0 and small inconsistent waves were quite sweet set against the bitter famine of the last days. I don’t have any photos, unfortunately. But here are some pics, a fun preview of tomorrow’s foto friday.     […]

no conditions, a little Baudelaire instead

Maui is conditionless now; hence, I’m lacking content. So here’s “Get Drunk” a petit prose poem from Baudelaire’s Paris Spleen: