welcome to Sri Lanka!

by Graham

Welcome to Sri Lanka!

I arrived from Dubai into Sri Lanka at 6:30 am this morning local time. (This sign was above the passport control). I went straight to the hotel where I met my dad in the gym as he was finishing his morning workout. And after breakfast, we headed to the Ezzy Factory.

After so many hours breathing recycled air and sitting in a little box, I’m tired. And that’s not even mentioning the time zone differences. New York (where I last was) is 9.5 hours behind Sri Lanka. Yet, despite the fatigue and the time confusion, I’m super excited to see everything that I have heard so much about. Today, there are 138 workers here at work and they are happily cutting, sticking, sowing, and rigging Ezzy sails. And there are bits of windsurfing sails everywhere! As a windsurfer, this is fascinating. Check out the sneak peak photo below:

Here is a sneak peak inside the sowing and sticking section of the Ezzy Factory.

There will be more updates and more pictures as the week progresses. And I think I’ll do a brief history of the factory too– it was started out of humanitarian reasons 20 years ago, and it still operates under the same philosophies.

Signing off!