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must we not pay a debt to pleasure too?

Windsurfing is the perfect enjoyment– it is the precise alchemical blend of pain and pleasure. Ah the pain! Do you remember learning to waterstart? Do you remember the agony of floating downwind, foot propped on the board, and neck craned up willfully wishing for the body to rise up out of the water pulled by […]

Intervals vs 10,000 hours? A look at windsurf training

Obviously there are no set rules to training. There is an unproven though generally accepted rule that it takes 10,000 hours to reach a level of mastery in any endeavor, be it sport or art. 10,000 hours (a number garnered from rigorous statistical study of masters) is about 3 hours of practice a day for […]

The Importance of Falling

Windsurfing is full of falling. I mean, most people fall ten times before they even travel ten feet. And learning to jibe means falling a thousand times. We could call the sport Fallsurfing. And it is precisely this falling that makes windsurfing a better sport than other sports and windsurfers generally better than other people […]