foto friday

by Graham

First off, I know it’s not Friday. But given the near fatal case of jet-lag I’ve been stuck with since Japan, it might as well be Friday for all I know. I’m at it again though and am off to NYC for NYE. Take a foto friday for you Sunday or Monday. It’s all good. (also, the new wordpress’ media functionality seems reduced, so this post is a few pics short. but when I get some time, I’ll work the rest in PS and upload them.)


It's sharky lately.


The soul lives in the eyes.


Hitting the lip, Jay Adams style.


NYC for NYE!


Wttgenstein in your ear. Have some modernity with that, it tastes better.


It's all about perception, the one inescapable human vice.


Antarctica recycles your dreams.


Few feeling are better than hitting a lip or landing a trick. I'm off of the water for a week but will be hunry to get back in the curl.