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a rest day, some wave contemplation

  I’m still resting my back, so I don’t have any new windsurfing photos, though I think there was some fun jumping at Hookipa. But before moving on from yesterday, I think it’s funny how the sail in the post’s photo from 1983 is a 4 batten with an outline similar to some seen on […]

to hookipa or not to hookipa?

To take arms against a sea of troubles… Today at Hookipa, the wind was light and the waves were small. An uneventful combination surely. But I took the opportunity to test out the quatro 95L production board to see if it should be my floater board for the AWT contest at the end of the […]

pov from Oahu

I generally don’t post on Sundays and I normally don’t like POV footage, but today I must make an exception for both. This clip is really beautiful and provides a fresh angle on wave riding from Bob Bohn.

must we not pay a debt to pleasure too?

Windsurfing is the perfect enjoyment– it is the precise alchemical blend of pain and pleasure. Ah the pain! Do you remember learning to waterstart? Do you remember the agony of floating downwind, foot propped on the board, and neck craned up willfully wishing for the body to rise up out of the water pulled by […]

urgent: best women’s surf film

My hat goes off to Nike for putting together “Leave a Message,” one of the best sport films I’ve seen in a while. It features 6 up-and-coming women surfers, and they rip. The surfing is incredibly progressive, the music is fun, and everything is beautiful. The lineup includes: Monyca Byrne-Wickey from Hana, Hawaii Malia Manuel […]

Intervals vs 10,000 hours? A look at windsurf training

Obviously there are no set rules to training. There is an unproven though generally accepted rule that it takes 10,000 hours to reach a level of mastery in any endeavor, be it sport or art. 10,000 hours (a number garnered from rigorous statistical study of masters) is about 3 hours of practice a day for […]

News, Royalty, and Spray

The sport news site Daily House is live! The website will feature interesting news from a host of sports, and the extreme section should be stocked full of interesting and exciting films, interviews, and stories. Yesterday, I mentioned Surfline’s article on the new ASP and the need for the “Dream Tour”. If you haven’t read […]

Photos from My Last Day at Hookipa

All pics courtesy of Jimmie Hepp:

Taka Video

Here is a video clip of the taka sequence from the last post: Hookipa Taka by Graham Ezzy from Graham Ezzy on Vimeo.

Guincho with Graham

Graham does Guincho from umi pictures on Vimeo. Brendan and I crashed the party at Guincho this summer. Even though it is one of the best summer wave spots in Europe, Guincho remains off the main map of the windsurfing media. We took a quirky hotel right on the beach and focused all of our […]