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Month: February, 2012

out of the country again, here are some hookipa photos

I’m out of the country again, but I’ll be back on Maui by the end of the week. Here are some pics from Hookipa in the meantime. Time on Maui means one thing: Research and Development. A lot of fin and sail testing especially! The sail testing is actually pretty intense. Every day there is […]

foto friday


Ireland part 4

I’m back on Maui and the conditions are super fun, but here is a flashback to last month’s Irish adventure.     4. It makes sense to go in wintertime from warm Hawaii, home of the best waves in the world, to cold Ireland in search of waves. Right?…wait… Am I insane? “Never leave wind […]

Maui Now

  Maui is windy! Like really windy. Like hurricane, gail-force-wind windy. Like why-am-I-even-trying-to-bottom-turn-in-this-insane-wind-windy. Who-opened-Aeolus’-bag windy. But despite all this, I’ve managed to find some fun waves…and sore right ankle. I’ve got to say: windsurfing in strong wind while trying to ride waves is hell on the body. Brawzhino said to me whilst derigging, “Today is […]

foto friday


Ireland part 3.5

  A short Irish interlude for today: The amazing people at google have fleshed out the streets of rural northwest Ireland. So I’d like to post a few photos here snagged from google maps in order to illustrate a bit more of my Irish trip.     The Irish, of course, speak English. But while […]

back again

I have just landed back on Maui after my adventures overseas. The wind seems to be blowing and the waves are up, so I just might manage to get in a session today. My Irish saga will continue tomorrow with part 4. – G

Ireland part 3

    Ireland is full of black things—Guinness, clouds, black pudding, stormy seas—and they define the culture there. The most perplexing of these dark things is peat. What is peat?, I hear all the non-Irish say. To put it simply, peat is mud that burns. Mud that is made in bogs. Bogs are acidic and […]

foto friday

Here is this week’s foto friday. Ireland part 3 will appear on Monday. Have a wonderfully windy weekend!                    

Ireland part 2

  Ahhhhh. The adventure begins to begin. Seated beside Mikey in his van, I set out for County Sligo to catch my first Irish waves and wind. The drive from Dublin to the west coast takes about 3 hours, possibly 2.5. We arrived at the spot around noon and the car’s outside temperature gauge told […]