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Month: October, 2011

Maui Monday: 10/24- 10/31/11

Maui this week is dominated by the AWT’s Makani Classic. Hookipa is closed for the event, so all windsurfing is contest windsurfing (unless you head down the coast of course). The Pro division drags on, and I’m in the 3rd round waiting for the competition to start again. The wind forecast is a bit iffy […]

small update from Makani Classic

    Friday’s competition saw head-high waves and light wind. We were able to complete 1 round from the pro, amateur, masters, and women’s divisions. I was nervous before hitting the water, which was unexpected– I guess I’ve never before gone into an event anything other than an underdog. It feels different now! Standouts today […]

foto friday

(No wind Thursday in the AWT contest, but Friday looks promising. In both biology and psychology, the 4 basic actions (fight, flight, feed, sex) are abbreviated to “the 4 F’s”. But scientists are confused because sex doesn’t start with F. However, foto friday does! And therefore must be the missing 4th basic action.)     […]

rest up!

Thursday morning is the start of the AWT Makani classic. I’m heading to bed now and will wake up around 6 or 7ish to make sure that all my equipment is in order. But I honestly don’t think that Thursday will be a competition day. Friday is looking better with some fun-sized surf, and Monday […]

remember to vote

  Tuesday was not a sailing day for me. I went to the beach to check it out but the wind was super light and gusty and the waves were tiny. Despite the lack of conditions, there was a surplus of people on the water. The upcoming AWT contest probably had something to do with […]

a good day under the clouds

  Monday was cloudy but very fun at Hookipa. I got to the beach late-ish (around 3pm) and rigged up a Panther ltd 5.0 for the session. While the waves were smaller than Sunday, it was a ton of fun; with the offshore wind, the waves were very clean and smooth. The water buzzes with […]

maui monday: 10/17 to 10/24 ’11

Back from my mini 3-day break from the beach, I hit the water Sunday at Hookipa, the NW swell picked up intensity as the afternoon wore on, and I had a fun session but not an amazing one– some good turns and big wipeouts without anything that really stood out. Mediocre sessions are good and […]

weekend recap

  Tomorrow my 3-day mini vacation from the beach will come to a close. With its end comes a beautiful NW swell and offshore E winds– a very normal combination at Hookipa. The offshore easterly wind is gusty and full of deadspots. This can make getting around a challenge, but it gives the waves a […]

foto friday

(Another glorious foto friday is here. Remember to hover for comments and click for larger.)                       1) Cate Parr paints a colorful, masterful, loose-alive portrait. I love it. 2) Why don’t you just jump… 3) Jeanloup Sieff captures a young Mia Farrow in a timeless […]

exhaustion and interval rest

  I’m a bit exhausted and destroyed from running around the last three days– hiking on Monday, Oahu yesterday, and teaching classes today. But it’s good, good to be tired from doing so many different things. The next three days I’m going to take a short break from windsurfing (there might not even be wind), […]