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Month: August, 2011

Obey the Rules! OR DON’T!

A new section called “The Elements” is on its way, full of windsurfing postulates and theorems.

Cactus Cup: Ezzy Edit

Here is the Ezzy Edit from the Cactus Cup AWT event. More of the story to follow shortly.

maui monday: aug 22-28, 2011

Another waveless week here on Maui, but everything is beautiful, so I can’t complain. And, the AWT contest in Hatteras next month could be good– judging from the hurricane hitting the east coast now. Without waves, I spent more time at Kanaha. I’m continuing to teach my friend to windsurf and I did some testing […]

pov from Oahu

I generally don’t post on Sundays and I normally don’t like POV footage, but today I must make an exception for both. This clip is really beautiful and provides a fresh angle on wave riding from Bob Bohn.

Make it or Break it? Vol. 3, REVEALED

(Click on photos for better, bigger versions. Photos by Ezzy/D.Wong.) CRAAAAASH! This 1-handed goiter went bad. I flung it around but couldn’t get back on top, and I ended up landing head first into the sail and mast. It was years ago but I still remember colliding with the mast. Tom and Aron got it […]

foto friday

Your favorite part of the week has finally arrived! Here is foto friday: I’m going to start adding little captions for the photos, but I don’t want to break up the photo flow, so they’ll be under here. 1. This is the album cover of “For Lovers” by Wolfman and Peter Doherty. The song “For […]

dirty pretty things

Music is an important part of windsurfing. Listen to a song before going on the water to get pumped up. Play a playlist to relax after coming off a sick session. Every windsurfing film’s soundtrack is an integral part of the film itself. Hell, when I hear the songs from the second Polakow movie, I […]

surfism vol. 3

When water rushes into a bay, it must also leave the bay, otherwise there would be a pool of infinite water! And frankly, that makes no sense at all. So the water leaves the bay at a rate (gallons/minute) similar to the rate it entered. When the waves get bigger and more water comes into […]

Make it or Break it? vol. 3

(Click on photos for better, bigger versions. Photos thanks to EzzySails/D. Wong.) (Click on photos for better, bigger versions. Photos thanks to EzzySails/D. Wong.) Over 5 years ago, I was the first person (I believe) to do one-handed goiters with my backhand off. Boujmaa had done a couple with his front hand off, and the […]

Maui Monday: Aug 15-22, 2011

The rock has been less than rocking. Think of going to see one of your favorite rock bands live. The opening band shows up late. OK that’s not so bad. But then they turn out to be just some lame high school kids. After their set, you think, “Oh finally here is what I came […]