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Guincho Clip

Check out this clip from the summer in Guincho. I spent a month there this past summer sailing with Francisco Fonseca and filming with umi. I’ve got some footage starting around 2:55, there is even a shorebreak taka of mine at 4:35, and, of course, there is a ton of action by the Guincho locals. […]

Hatteras Memories: Photos

Surfism vol I

The ocean provides constant material for aphorisms, or, as I like to call them, surfisms (short, sea-influenced pieces of wisdom).One of my professors, friends, and fellow Hawaiians, Jeff Nunokawa said a good one yesterday: to a catch wave, you must be moving

The Importance of Falling

Windsurfing is full of falling. I mean, most people fall ten times before they even travel ten feet. And learning to jibe means falling a thousand times. We could call the sport Fallsurfing. And it is precisely this falling that makes windsurfing a better sport than other sports and windsurfers generally better than other people […]