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Month: October, 2010

Guincho with Graham

Graham does Guincho from umi pictures on Vimeo. Brendan and I crashed the party at Guincho this summer. Even though it is one of the best summer wave spots in Europe, Guincho remains off the main map of the windsurfing media. We took a quirky hotel right on the beach and focused all of our […]

Guincho with James Bond

Here is a clip from the 1969 James Bond movie On Her Majesty’s Secret Service. The whole opening sequence takes place around Guincho and on Guincho beach itself. Good thing the waves weren’t too big that day!

Baja’s Mexican Memories

Graham Ezzy goes down south from umi pictures on Vimeo. Mexico is like jail; easy to enter, hard to leave. At the end of July, the waves in Baja were so good that even though I’d left my passport at a friend’s house in New York City, I crossed the border into Mexico in search […]

New Ramp for Flatwater Jumping

I saw on facebook that vikteam’s Julien “wesh” Taboulet and my fellow umi-rider Thomas Traversa set up a new type of ramp in the south of France. The ramp has no slot for the fin, but instead uses thick bristles. To ride up the ramp, the riders needs shallow but very long fins. This allows […]

Surfism vol II

This one is probably the most important survival rule for dealing with the sea, and, of course, can be extrapolated to life. I’ve seen countless tourists standing in the shorebreak at Ho’okipa with their backs to the water; every time a wave broke, they would get smashed into the hard sand. And even though they […]

Guincho Clip

Check out this clip from the summer in Guincho. I spent a month there this past summer sailing with Francisco Fonseca and filming with umi. I’ve got some footage starting around 2:55, there is even a shorebreak taka of mine at 4:35, and, of course, there is a ton of action by the Guincho locals. […]

Hatteras Memories: Photos

Surfism vol I

The ocean provides constant material for aphorisms, or, as I like to call them, surfisms (short, sea-influenced pieces of wisdom).One of my professors, friends, and fellow Hawaiians, Jeff Nunokawa said a good one yesterday: to a catch wave, you must be moving

The Importance of Falling

Windsurfing is full of falling. I mean, most people fall ten times before they even travel ten feet. And learning to jibe means falling a thousand times. We could call the sport Fallsurfing. And it is precisely this falling that makes windsurfing a better sport than other sports and windsurfers generally better than other people […]

Windsurfing Movie II

The Windsurfing Movie II is out and everyone who windsurfs or thinks about windsurfing should see it. It is probably the best windsurfing film made yet: the latest action, classic songs, and super tight editing. I’ve got a few small clips from Hookipa and Jaws and some action in a bonus section on San Carlos. […]